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Stop Trying to Sell Beats

Everyday I wake up with 1 mission. 

To help producers with the biggest problem they have.

Now this problem is widely known.  

You go through it everyday.

You wake up and you try and solve this problem. 

The only thing is, most producers go about it all wrong.

See most producers try and sell their beats.

They try and figure out a way to make a living from what they love doing most.

That there is the problem.

The reality is the artists out there don't wake up thinking about producers.

They don't wake up thinking about which beat they're going to "buy" today.

So when they turn on IG and see a flood of DM's, comments, and requests from producers, seeing if they wanna "Get Their Beats".... it doesn't excite them.

The artist's desires don't get peaked.

Why?  Because the artist doesn't care about "BUYING Beats"

they care about one thing.  

What is that?  That's BLOWING UP!!!

So where does that leave you as the producer?

Actually with this knowledge that you are getting right now, it puts you in a GREAT position.

Normally, it would mean disaster.

Normally without this knowledge you would go on your whole entire producer career trying to "Sell your beats" and that's the message you would be sending with your marketing.

Unfortunately that's NOT what the ARTIST wants to hear.

The artist wants to hear someone speaking into THEIR dreams.

What are their dreams? 

We talked about it above...their dream is to BLOW UP.

So the first person that talks to them about THAT each day, will usually be the person that will get their attention.  

Which is step 1: ATTENTION.

Without attention you have nothing. 

If you don't have an artist's attention, then you have no way to appeal to "Them".

So that's your homework for the day.

Instead of getting up and focusing on "Selling beats" ( EVEN THOUGH THAT IS YOUR GOAL ) 

Wake up everyday and focus on getting ATTENTION.

How do you get attention?  What's the secret?

Well you have to talk about what the ARTIST wants to hear about and see....

They want to focus on THEIR goals.

So how can you do that better?

What can you say? 

What can you do?

What videos can you make?

What posts can you post?

That will attract artists?

Do you think artists WANT to hear your beats? ( Even before they know who you are? ) 

They have to care about you.  You have to have their attention first.

Master ATTENTION and you'll take the first step. 

The BIGGEST step, into having more conversations with more artists that are INTERESTED in you, because you are interested in THEM.

I know it's weird and it takes some getting used to, but try it out.

Good luck!!!!


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