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ur 808’s is drownin out yo BEAT!

creating space….

making stuff sound clear…

making your sound as BIG as possible without drowning out important melodies
and instruments….

use a kick and an 808 drum…stacked…

make sure it ain’t drowning out the other sounds in your beat….

low-end bass and 808’s are fine to add to your beat to boost your beat

if u over do it though… you’ll ruin the whole beat….

cuttin and boostin where frequencies clash…

do you know how to do that?

what if your artists’ vocals and instruments are fighting for the same spot…

if u want the vocals to stand out …the key is to take the instrument and cut it…
where it collides with the vocals….

gotta be able to use your EQ’s properly…

my man Cras gotta mixing course i think you should check out…
especially if you use FL Studio and you don’t know how to mix….

lotta producers only need better mixing….the rest is there….

you got talent… it’s all in the mix

if you want your hi-hats and instruments to have space in your beats…

make sure you focus on your low end and…..

cut it out! – cut out the high end…. to give the instruments and vocals space….

carve out the frequencies you don’t need in your drumz, so your beats
can hit with clarity and maximum punch….

check out the mixing blueprint if you wanna know how to do all that….

Remember that you want to properly level your sounds against your drums.

If you have a kick and an 808 together, you want the kick to punch through in the mix…leveled higher in volume than the 808!

I’ll be sharing more mixing tips and insight soon so you can level up your beats.


Ps – if u want the full mixing course – click here