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“The Ultimate Beat Formula For Making Your Beat Doper!” – Explained!

Your beats are constantly getting better.

You realize you enjoy it more than most things you’ve ever tried.
Your friends tell you they “like” your beats. 
You now want to take things to the next level. 


This Beat Formula Blueprint is going to show you exactly step by step, how to make your beats way better than ever!

You’ll be able to hear the bounce and flow in your beats more and more.
I’m going to teach you techniques you’ll never want to forget…
 i’ve made them as simple as possible for you to memorize them…..
Keeping it simple is key!
Listen, now you may want to invest in your music theory and understanding of what’s going on beyond the basics…

Start figuring out chords and scales.

Pay special attention to textures and how to make your sounds blend with one another.
Main thing though, which u must make sure u accomplish, is making your melodies have a rhythmn in and of themself….
With no drums….
This is how u create movement in your beats….
Now that you have been properly prepped for receving this Formula…
We’ll get right to it….

The Ultimate Beat Formula:


Step 1. Your melody needs to have rhythm and bounce, WITHOUT ANY DRUMS!

Step 2. Your melody and drums need to change drastically every 8 bars.

Step 3. Bar 2 and Bar 4 are the most important. Make them BOTH special in their OWN way.

Step 4. It’s all in the mix – Your drumz should knock far above your melody sounds!

Step 5. Addition by Subtraction: take shit out, add drops, remove hats here and there…. remove snares and kicks here and there….  cut stuff towards the end of the 4 bar loop…. leave stuff out to give your beats that unpredictable feel

Step 6 : its all in the mix – make sure you learn how to mix… you…. not your engineer or some fantasy mythical all knowing “engineer” you’ll work give your music to “one day”. No the calvary aint comin. Its up to you. Get on it.


Ps – here’s my Ultimate Mixing Course that will show you everything you need to know