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what comes first? promoting or perfecting the music?

Wassup,I was recently asked by an Inner Circle Elite producer, some great questions you may have had at some point in time or other…

The Elite producer asked me

If he should focus on “mastering” his beats….what the best time to drop new beats and music was….and what the right steps to take on his promotion were…. As producers, this information is very important to you, and you’ll find the information useful, so I decided to share my-

Answers to YOUR questions:

1. On whether to master your beats or not….- For me and beat selling, it never came down to a beat being mastered or not. I found that that didn’t determine whether or not the artist bought the beat….never, not one time.SO? Since that has never been an issue, I would say focusing on getting as many people interested in your beats has higher importance than the “mastering” side of things.HOW? How do you accomplish that?- social media is one avenue- reaching out to artists is another avenue- putting out new beats consistently to your audiencePlus- the messaging you have on your InstagramDetailed and more broadly explained ways and solution in this course will be covered so you can just follow the steps without having to worry about whether you’re doing it right.

2. On promoting your music and who and when to pitch it to….- you are again asking all of the right questions and I feel you also have a senseof what you’re supposed to “not” do….- I would agree that releasing music to an audience that is not first warmed up, may notgive you the results you want- however, there are a lot of great lessons learned when you release music consistently…- the act of releasing new music consistently will give you more value and teach you more then not releasing music…and increase the chance of getting your music sold…- I’m always a fan of taking action vs waiting- waiting rarely creates momentum where momentum is needed- taking action creates momentum

As much as possible, you want to create an environment where you are releasing music to an audiencethat is either expecting it, asking for it, or is a perfect fit for it….You can try:- the best way to achieve this is to more or less give out free “samples” to those who already are buying beats…already actively looking for beats…. artists that buy beats….buy beats…You don’t want to seem desperate though, you put effort in your work and you want it to be appreciated. Get this guide to walk you through and give you instructions so you can market yourself without looking desperate.Ultimate Producer Marketing Course If you sold shoes, you would want to develop relationships with people that were frequently in shoe stores and not necessarily the people that were window shopping and walking buy…never walking in…

many people focus on the window shoppers and don’t focus on those that are at the cash register…..

Hope this helps!


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