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Why Do Producers Need To Have Their Own Professional Website?

The Ultimate Rapper Magnet

Producers, pay close attention because THIS one is the most important info I've produced to date.

This one is the game-changer.

What I'm about to explain.....

Nothing was the same after this...

When I think back to the ONE change that transformed all started at this very moment...

One simple change.

Now before I get into it, i wanna give you a picture of my life before this one change...

I was AMBITIOUS! A heavy grindER!

I'm talkin, i would drive 2 hours to an event just for a CHANCE to "hopefully" see someone in the "industry" that I could link up with.

I just knew it was only a matter of time before I "bumped" into the music industry person that would sweep me off my feet.

They would hear my beats and everything would change.

Overnight. I KNEW that was going to happen.

It wasn't a matter of if but WHEN...

I would go to music conferences, all pumped up...

I would go to concerts, break in backstage...

do all i could to "make contacts" and get things poppin...

The problem was the only reward I was getting, was in my mind and not in my bank account.

the sad reality was that i was living a "dream"....

My problem was that I was dreaming about the results, and I wasn't GETTING any of the results.

My problem was my thinking. I was hoping and wishing that I could set in motion a string of "random" ( but planned ) lucky breaks that would get me in in the industry.

In the end, nothing happened. All i got was a bunch of nothing. Very little panned out from all of my energy.

Even though I hadn't gotten ANY results at all, I doubled down. I even got an artist. Starting putting my whole life into him and still in the end, I wasn't in control of my own destiny.

I had a HUGE problem. Years invested with NOTHING to show for. Nothing was being built except my frustration.

That's when I got really angry...

Pissed off...

All the years of grinding...

Driving to Hollywood...

Meeting people...

Getting internships at major record labels...

Developing Artists...

Going to music conferences...

Hookin' up with the biggest producers in the world...

DJ'n...going on world tours....

Sure it looked like I was doing it,

or that's what it felt like...

But my problem was that I was still super broke.

None of that stuff I felt was going to change things, made any impact.

In fact, DJ'ng was the BEST money I had ever made "in the music industry" before I made this one change....

Because before I did this one thing...

what did I have that I could build on?

What did i have that was a foundation for me to live off of? Ball off of even?


Are your Beats not selling?

If your beats are not selling as much as you want to, you might not have the right platform.

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That's when I decided to change my approach.



My own fortress....

And that's when it happened.

I GOT MY OWN WEBSITE for my beats.

And not only that, I stumbled on a marketing formula at the same exact time to use with my website.

Little did I know what impact this would have on my entire career.

One single website. One marketing formula.

One place that contained all my beats.

One formula to market them.

With the website and the formula in place, it would allow me to sleep and still connect with artists.


Did you u just say what i think you said????


NOW I Could SLEEP and still network with artists?

Well how could you do that Cras?


I put a video intro on my beatsite and told artists that if they wanted a couple sample beats, to follow the instructions and I would send it to them.

And you know what?

They did!

Hundreds of them!

Thousands even!

I now had thousands of artists asking ME for my beats!!!

I wasn't chasing them, I wasn't hitting them up.

I wasn't sending "them" DM's...


And best part of it all, was that I had my beat selling process entirely automated on the website. I'll show you the formula in a little bit, but first.

This meant:

No more haggling for prices.

No more staying on chat for hours on end with artists and rappers that weren't prepared to pay the prices I was charging.

This was an absolute game-changer.

I could go from chasing artists and price haggling all day, to simply leading artists to my website, and letting my website do all of the work!

It was magic!

And guess what?

My beat sales exploded like never before!

Instead of only being able to keep about 5-10 relationships at a time, I was able to keep relationships with 1,000's of artists. All because I had a beatsite and knew what to do.

So here's why you should care.

I know you're in the same position that I was in.

I was JUST like you.

Until you get your beatsite you are forever going to have to do a bunch of manual work, for your entire life if you want to do music.

Is that what you want to do?


If your beats are not selling as much as you want to, you might not have the right platform.

Instantly multiply your beat sales with your very own BeatSite!

Grow your network. Promote and sell your music. Increase your beat sales. Stand out as a unique artist.


Of course you can wait for the day, a record label is going to bust down your door and ask you if you want to sign a deal, but do you want to risk that never happening? Ever?

I don't want to rain on your parade. I want to help you. I want to empower you, so you can live the life of your dreams.

I'm just going to predict that the whole record label sign a deal thing isn't ever going to happen.

And if it is, do you understand that signing a deal is basically the equivalent of taking a loan from a bank that you have to pay back anyway?

The honest truth is there are millions of aspiring rappers that need beats.

All you need is to get 10 regular artist clients to spend money on your beats every month. 10 - 20 out of the millions and you'll have enough to replace your job that you're working at (or staying away from).

The opportunity is here and there's NEVER ever been a better time for a producer. There are so many ways to get paid in this game now and you have to move fast.

You gotta take action.

You gotta seize opportunity when it's presented.

In order for your situation to change, YOU MUST CHANGE.

You can't do the same things and expect a different result.

That's the definition of insanity.

Get your beatsite today from and transform your beat career.

If you need help and if you need a blueprint, click here and I'll give you a blueprint for your first 10 Beat Clients.

It's a PDF that's going to explain exactly how to get your first 10 Beat Clients, using a step by step system.

You'll learn how to:

1. Get clients and keep them

2. How to help them make hit songs every month and get paid for it.

3. How to keep artists only getting beats from you.

4. How to get more artists to want your beats.

5. How to set it all up on autopilot so you can focus on making better beats.

6. How to balance beat making and marketing.

7. How to make so much money doing beats that you can quit your job

I know you're tired of stressing about where your next income will be coming from.

Imagine having hundreds of artists that know your beats and can't wait for you to get back to them.

Do you think that would change things?

I can show you how to do if you want this life.

In order for your situation to change, you have to show up for yourself. You have to improve and take yourself to the next level. If you need help click here to download the Rapper Magnet Formula.

A Step by Step formula to use with your new Beatsite to attract rappers to your website and your beats, like you've never done before.

Remember: Marketing is NOT magic. It's not some special power. It's a step by step formula for success. You can use it or you can hate it, either way, the people that do it are going to eat. Period. Facts. End of Story.

Get it now.