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why placements and talent don’t matter in this game..

Chasing placements and thinking the game is all about talent only will leave you at a disadvantage.

Before I started working with celebrities and artists like Young Chop, Daylyt and other big names in the music industry, I was a hungry producer.  I still am a producer, except now, I don’t need “placements” and to worry about if I have the best beats, because I have artists that come to me.

If you don’t know who I am, I’m Cras an Industry Producer and Owner of a Producer Consulting Agency.

I’ve produced for King Lil G, The Luniz, Digital Underground, Willow Smith, Jaime Foxx and a ton of others you may have heard of….so those are placements, but I’ve worked with the BIGGEST stars and brands in the entertainment on various levels from management to consulting. I only say that to let you know I can help you. I do know a thing or two about this new industry we’re in.

I’ve had my beats played daily on 106 KMEL – the biggest radio station in the bay….for almost 2 years, serving as the intro beat for The Traffic Report

I’ve had my beats placed in a movie…

Early in my career i realized chasing placements didn’t fit my personality….or my bank account….
That little money be gone…. *Cee-LO Voice*

it may fit yours though depending on how social you are…and if you are then you will perform far better than me……

I’m more of an introvert…so the the type of marketing that fit me best is the type where artisrs come to me…

That’s the type of marketing i can show you how to create…

Dealing with the “industry” is an entire course in itself and i can teach one on that as well…and u might be really good at it….

In my opinion it was a lot of “extra” stuff i didn’t fully understand at the time….

Fortunately, i can help you navigate through that as well…

My whole career has been about helping people…

That sounds cliche however it’s true….

More doors have opened for me, by helping people with their problems, more than raw talent….

There’s a marketing secret embedded in that statement above….

Here’s the reality…

There is a LOT of talent out there….

Some good….some bad…. some REALLY good and some even better than that….

Well why doesn’t that discourage us from doing our thing?

Because “talent” is only one aspect of it….

Talent can only get you so far…

Talent may get you recognized…

however, how you act, how likeable you are….

how responsible you are…your ability to get the job “done” will be the only thing that “keeps” you there….

I can’t tell u how many producers i know that are Siiiiiiiick!!!!!!

Dopest producers out there….

They won’t leave thier house….

They refuse to go to meetings….
or get on the phone with anyone….

Oh and don’t make a plan to meet up with u cause they’ll flake….

How is someone supposed to blow if they don’t help themself?

Lucky I cracked the code and made it possible for even THOSE type of producers to make a killing with their beats.

Click here to find out how….

However you can easily see how you would take someone else’s opportunity by simply showing up….

When they don’t….

And that’s why having any self defeating thoughts about u not being the best is a huge waste of time….

I found when i was able to see my own vision and future success, before it happened….my ability to make forward progress was boosted, and yours will be too.

Hope this helps!


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