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The Secret to Success

It’s the simplest thing that most people always manage to overlook! But what is it exactly? The secret is that there is no secret! It’s hard work. It’s methodical. It’s systematic. It’s consistent. It’s doing more than what others are willing to do. It’s staying in there and moving forward, right at the point everyone […]

How to avoid looking broke and thirsty

Listen to my beats!!! Have you ever said that before? Have you ever commented that on someone’s IG post or a Youtube comment? How did it make you feel? Pretty low right? Do you want to know something CRAZY about human psychology? People will give their hard earned money to someone who does NOT need […]

“5 Pro Tips to Use Video to Get More Engagement Than Ever!”

The New Producer Problem: Most producers struggle to get their beats heard and market themselves successfully to artists that buy beats. If you  follow these Pro Video Marketing Tips for Producers, you’ll experience a growth in audience and followers like you never before. You may have questions like: What content do you post in your […]

Biggest mistake rappers make

I wanted to shed light on a huge problem that many rap artists don’t even know about.   I want to make sure you’re equipped with the right insight and knowledge to help you make the best choices when picking beats.   The BIGGEST mistake I see all the time with rappers is that they […]