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The Secret to Success

It’s the simplest thing that most people always manage to overlook! But what is it exactly? The secret is that there is no secret! It’s hard work. It’s methodical. It’s systematic. It’s consistent. It’s doing more than what others are willing to do. It’s staying in there and moving forward, right at the point everyone […]

[Podcast] Your Producer Business Revolves Around 3 Things…

You can also give the podcast a listen at Your Producer Business Revolves Around 3 Things… Hey, what’s up y’all it’s Cras, Today I wanted to cover the first steps you as a producer need to evaluate in order to make the best decisions for your producer business. I’m gonna go into the premise, you want to sell […]

How to avoid looking broke and thirsty

Listen to my beats!!! Have you ever said that before? Have you ever commented that on someone’s IG post or a Youtube comment? How did it make you feel? Pretty low right? Do you want to know something CRAZY about human psychology? People will give their hard earned money to someone who does NOT need […]

The Shocking Truth About “Making It”

What if I told u that the #1 Key to Success is “Control”?Most producers are in a rush to give up control. They wanna run to a record label and sign a producer deal… They want to “find” an artist, so they can build them up and eventually pawn them offto a “real” record label…. They want to […]

Do You Need A Manager Right Now?

The Big Question! A producer recently asked me if he should focus on getting a manager or getting himself out there with his marketing…. i thought what i told him could help you in your journey so i wanted to write this to you… I call this the “manager myth”….and i want you avoid having […]

Is it Ok For A Producer to send different artists the same beat?

The Big Question You Have Ran Away From… You want to run your producer business with the highest level of integrity. This concept has kept you up at night. You’ve wondered how you resolve it in your mind and in your life. Yes, it’s absolutely necessary for you to send the same beat to different […]

“5 Secrets to Getting A Buzz That Won’t Stop!”

Here’s the problem! It is harder than ever for artists to break out and be heard in today’s music landscape. With all of this competition, it’s more critical than ever to understand what the best moves are to make. This article is geared to help you put together a strategy to be both seen and […]

“5 Pro Tips to Use Video to Get More Engagement Than Ever!”

The New Producer Problem: Most producers struggle to get their beats heard and market themselves successfully to artists that buy beats. If you  follow these Pro Video Marketing Tips for Producers, you’ll experience a growth in audience and followers like you never before. You may have questions like: What content do you post in your […]

Instagram growth – Ways to supercharge your following

Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. Similar to Facebook or twitter. Everyone who creates an Instagram account has a profile and a news feed. When you post a photo or video on Instagram, it will be displayed on your profile. *Post consistently (at least once a […]