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How To Sell Your Beats Online

Do you want to get paid REAL $$$ even when you’re not working?  I know it sounds impossible, but it is totally possible.  I get paid when I’m sleeping, when I’m eating, even when I’m just hanging out! I get paid around the clock.  You can too and I’ll tell you how.  Don’t worry! You don’t need a lot! I […]


Kobe! We love you man.You taught us to be great and have an insatiable hunger for excellence and improvement that hasn’t been seen before.  Personally I take away the legacy of being a great father and teaching your kids how to approach life. It’s been difficult to process any of this or do much in terms […]

If You Want Dope Beats – Study What Works!

If you want to know how to produce like a world-class producer, you gotta study ????  it. When’s the last time u looked up the billboard ????  and studied the format and arrangement of the top 5 songs? If you didn’t know then, now ya know. The education you’ll receive is priceless. Study bars: Study […]

[Podcast] 3 Why Your Producer Ads Aren’t Working

In this podcast, you get some of the major do’s and don’ts of running ads and I hope you get a better understanding of what it takes to run at successfully as a producer. Check it out and be sure to listen to it a few times to help it sink in. And if you […]

The Secret to Success

It’s the simplest thing that most people always manage to overlook! But what is it exactly? The secret is that there is no secret! It’s hard work. It’s methodical. It’s systematic. It’s consistent. It’s doing more than what others are willing to do. It’s staying in there and moving forward, right at the point everyone […]

MIchael Jordan is the GOAT right?

Everyone wants to pattern their swag and the way they PLAY after Michael …..But who wants his work ethic? When have you ever heard someone say “Yo, I got the new MJ Work ETHICS!” All they care about is the shoes!!! They want the FLOSS but they don’t want the GRIND.  Well, how you think Michael got to […]

Rent On Success Is Due Daily!

how to sell your beats

Most producers want to know how to sell your beats, every day. “TO BE GREAT YOU HAVE TO BRING THE BEST OUT OF YOU EVERY DAY” – DAVID ORTIZ! Let’s think about that for a moment. The quote came from something I read on baseball great, David Ortiz’s Instagram post. He is someone who has […]

BEAT CLINIC: The Purpose of an Intro!

Music follows marketing and business in a lot of ways. The MOST successful marketers and business people typically know how to get attention. In music and beats it’s no different. The first rule is to GET ATTENTION. This is what the INTRO does. With your intro, you want to grab the attention of the listener, […]

If you want it, work for it

Yo, I’m just wonderin’ where ur mind is at? Are you focused on what you have to do to level up? Or are you focused on distractions? Are you scrollin on IG? Or are you grinding on YOUR business. What you do on a day to day basis is going to have the BIGGEST impact on your life Chris. Are […]